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Surface Behavior of Polyamide 6 Modified by Barrier Plasma in Oxygen and Nitrogen 27935
Implementing control charts to corporate financial management 1891
Continuous-time and discrete multivariable decoupling controllers 1830
Importance of viscoelastic property measurement of a new hydrogel for health care 1788
Antibacterial performance of alginic acid coating on polyethylene film 1783
Effect of compressive strain on electric resistance of multi-wall carbon nanotube networks 1772
Robust tracking and disturbance rejection design for time delay systems 1764
Characterization of carbon nanotube based polymer composites through rheology 1757
The viscometric behaviour of sodium hyaluronate in aqueous and KCl solutions 1740
Magnetorheology of carbonyl iron particles coated with polypyrrole ribbons: The steady shear study 1726