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Implementing control charts to corporate financial management 1832
Continuous-time and discrete multivariable decoupling controllers 1783
Importance of viscoelastic property measurement of a new hydrogel for health care 1733
Effect of compressive strain on electric resistance of multi-wall carbon nanotube networks 1724
Characterization of carbon nanotube based polymer composites through rheology 1708
Antibacterial performance of alginic acid coating on polyethylene film 1690
Medical-Grade Polyvinyl Chloride Modified with Crystal Violet and Montmorillonite 1678
Magnetorheology of carbonyl iron particles coated with polypyrrole ribbons: The steady shear study 1676
Viscoelastic properties of electrorheological suspensions of core-shell (carbon/polyaniline) particles in silicone oil 1659
Positioning of Czech accountants towards IFRS implementation 1657