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Fabrication of polyaniline/mesoporous carbon/MnO 2 ternary nanocomposites and their enhanced electrochemical performance for supercapacitors

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dc.title Fabrication of polyaniline/mesoporous carbon/MnO 2 ternary nanocomposites and their enhanced electrochemical performance for supercapacitors en
dc.contributor.author Yan, Yanfang
dc.contributor.author Cheng, Qilin
dc.contributor.author Pavlínek, Vladimír
dc.contributor.author Sáha, Petr
dc.contributor.author Li, Chunzhong
dc.relation.ispartof Electrochimica Acta
dc.identifier.issn 0013-4686 Scopus Sources, Sherpa/RoMEO, JCR
dc.date.issued 2012
utb.relation.volume 71
utb.relation.issue 1
dc.citation.spage 27
dc.citation.epage 32
dc.type article
dc.language.iso en
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.electacta.2012.03.101
dc.relation.uri https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013468612004537
dc.subject Electrochemical properties en
dc.subject Mesoporous carbon en
dc.subject MnO2 en
dc.subject Polyaniline en
dc.subject Ternary composite en
dc.description.abstract Polyaniline/mesoporous carbon/MnO2 (PANI/CMK-3/MnO2) ternary nanocomposites with a PANI nanolayer uniformly deposited on the CMK-3/MnO2 particles were synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization. Structure and morphology of the ternary composites were further characterized by TEM, XRD, FTIR and FE-SEM techniques. Electrochemical measurements demonstrated that the ternary composite with 12% MnO2 content possessed enhanced specific capacitance of 695 Fg-1 and the capacitance retention was 88% after 1000 galvanostatic charge-discharge cycles at a current density of 1.0 Ag-1. The incorporation of MnO2 nanoparticles can not only contribute to high capacitance but also stabilize the interaction between the quinoid ring of PANI and the CMK-3/MnO2 particles. The PANI nanolayer in the ternary composite restrains the dissolution of MnO2 nanoparticles in acidic electrolyte so as to enhance their electrochemical utilization. The synergistic effect among three components may result in enhanced specific capacitance and cycling stability of the ternary composites. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. en
utb.faculty Faculty of Technology
utb.faculty University Institute
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1002798
utb.identifier.rivid RIV/70883521:28110/12:43867831!RIV13-MSM-28110___
utb.identifier.rivid RIV/70883521:28610/12:43867831!RIV13-MSM-28610___
utb.identifier.obdid 43867919
utb.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-84860445362
utb.identifier.wok 000304510900005
utb.identifier.coden ELCAA
utb.source j-scopus
dc.date.accessioned 2012-06-04T11:34:09Z
dc.date.available 2012-06-04T11:34:09Z
utb.ou Centre of Polymer Systems
utb.contributor.internalauthor Cheng, Qilin
utb.contributor.internalauthor Pavlínek, Vladimír
utb.contributor.internalauthor Sáha, Petr
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