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Polymerization, morphology and crystal structure of poly (p-benzamide)

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dc.title Polymerization, morphology and crystal structure of poly (p-benzamide) en
dc.contributor.author Bao, Hua
dc.contributor.author Rybnikář, František
dc.contributor.author Yang, Shi
dc.contributor.author Sáha, Petr
dc.contributor.author Geil, Phillip H.
dc.relation.ispartof Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics
dc.identifier.issn 0022-2348 Scopus Sources, Sherpa/RoMEO, JCR
dc.date.issued 2001
utb.relation.volume 40
utb.relation.issue 5
dc.citation.spage 869
dc.citation.epage 911
dc.type article
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Marcel Dekker, Inc. en
dc.identifier.doi 10.1081/MB-100107566
dc.subject polymerizace v tenké vrstvě cs
dc.subject krystalová struktura cs
dc.subject morfologie cs
dc.subject poly (p-Aminobenzoát) cs
dc.subject polybenzamid cs
dc.subject kinetika polymerizace cs
dc.subject Confined thin-film polymerization en
dc.subject Crystal structure en
dc.subject Morphology en
dc.subject poly(p-Aminobenzoate) en
dc.subject Polybenzamide en
dc.subject Polymerization kinetics en
dc.description.abstract Isothermal polymerization of acetaminobenzoic acid at various temperatures in bulk and solution was monitored by acetic acid evolution. en
utb.faculty Faculty of Technology
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1000073
utb.identifier.rivid RIV/70883521:28110/01:63500378
utb.identifier.obdid 11052062
utb.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-0035456857
utb.identifier.wok 000172626700016
utb.source j-riv
utb.contributor.internalauthor Rybnikář, František
utb.contributor.internalauthor Sáha, Petr
utb.fulltext.affiliation H. Bao,1,† F. Rybnikar,1,‡ P. Saha,1 J. Yang,2 and P. H. Geil2 1 Technical University Brno, Faculty of Technology Zlin, Brno, Czech Republic 2 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL 61801 *Dedicated to Prof. Francisco J. Baltá Calleja on the occasion of his 65th birthday. †Current address: Institute of Technical Chemistry and Physics, East China University of Science and Technology, P. O. Box 258, Shanghai, 200237, People’s Republic of China. ‡Corresponding author. E-mail: RYBNIKAR@zlin.vutbr.cz
utb.fulltext.dates Received January 14, 2001 Revised February 22, 2001 Accepted February 22, 2001
utb.fulltext.references 1. Rybnikar, F.; Geil, P.H. Constrained Thin Film “Melt” Polymerization of Polyester Liquid Polymers. Paper presented at APS Meeting, Pittsburg, PA, March 1994. 2. Rybnikar, F.; Liu, J.; Geil, P.H. Thin Film Melt Polymerized Single Crystals of Poly(p-oxybenozate). Makromol. Chem. 1994, 195, 81–104. 3. Liu, J.; Geil, P.H. Crystal-Liquid Crystal Transition in Single Crystals of Polyhydroxybenzoic Acid. J. Macromol. Sci., Phys. 1992, B31 (2), 163–174. 4. Rybnikar, F.; Saha, P.; Yuan, B.-L.; Geil, P.H. Phase I and II Crystals of Poly(p-oxybenzoate). I. Effects of Substrate and Melt Polymerization Conditions. J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys. 1999, B37 (24), 3520–3531. 5. Yuan, B.-L.; Rybnikar, F.; Saha, P.; Geil, P.H. Phase I and II Crystals of Poly(p-oxybenzoate). II. Effects of Solution Polymerization Conditions on Morphology and Crystal Structure. J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys. 1999, B37 (24), 3532–3551. 6. Hasegawa, R.K.; Chatani, Y.; Tadokoro, H. 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utb.fulltext.sponsorship This research was supported, in part, by grants from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (ME-131 (H.B. and F.R.)) and the National Science Foundation (NSF-DMR International Program 96-16255 (F.R. and P.H.G.) and NSFDMR Polymer Program 96-16255 (J.Y. and P.H.G.)).
utb.fulltext.projects GACR ME-131
utb.fulltext.projects NSF-DMR International Program 96-16255
utb.fulltext.projects NSFDMR Polymer Program 96-16255
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