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Reactive Dimerization of an N-Heterocyclic Plumbylene: C−H Activation with PbII

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dc.title Reactive Dimerization of an N-Heterocyclic Plumbylene: C−H Activation with PbII en
dc.contributor.author Guthardt, Robin
dc.contributor.author Oetzel, Jan
dc.contributor.author Schweizer, Julia I.
dc.contributor.author Bruhn, Clemens
dc.contributor.author Langer, Robert
dc.contributor.author Maurer, Martin
dc.contributor.author Vícha, Jan
dc.contributor.author Shestakova, Pavletta
dc.contributor.author Holthausen, Max C.
dc.contributor.author Siemeling, Ulrich
dc.relation.ispartof Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
dc.identifier.issn 1433-7851 Scopus Sources, Sherpa/RoMEO, JCR
dc.date.issued 2019
utb.relation.volume 58
utb.relation.issue 5
dc.citation.spage 1387
dc.citation.epage 1391
dc.type article
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Wiley-VCH Verlag
dc.identifier.doi 10.1002/anie.201811559
dc.relation.uri https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/anie.201811559
dc.subject C−H activation en
dc.subject carbene homologues en
dc.subject lead en
dc.subject metallocenes en
dc.subject subvalent compounds en
dc.description.abstract The N-heterocyclic plumbylene [Fe{(η5-C5H4)NSiMe3}2Pb:] is in equilibrium with an unprecedented dimer in solution, whose formation involves the cleavage of a strong C−H bond and concomitant formation of a Pb−C and an N−H bond. According to a mechanistic DFT assessment, dimer formation does not involve direct PbII insertion into a cyclopentadienyl C−H bond, but is best described as an electrophilic substitution. The bulkier plumbylene [Fe{(η5-C5H4)NSitBuMe2}2Pb:] shows no dimerization, but compensates its electrophilicity by the formation of an intramolecular Fe−Pb bond. © 2019 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim en
utb.faculty University Institute
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1008459
utb.identifier.obdid 43880398
utb.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-85059505537
utb.identifier.wok 000458826100020
utb.identifier.pubmed 30457693
utb.identifier.coden ACIEF
utb.source j-scopus
dc.date.accessioned 2019-07-08T11:59:48Z
dc.date.available 2019-07-08T11:59:48Z
dc.description.sponsorship Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [LA 2830/3-2]; MSMT Program NPU I [LO1504]
utb.ou Centre of Polymer Systems
utb.contributor.internalauthor Vícha, Jan
utb.fulltext.affiliation Robin Guthardt, Jan Oetzel, Julia I. Schweizer, Clemens Bruhn, Robert Langer, Martin Maurer, Jan Vícha, Pavletta Shestakova, Max C. Holthausen *, Ulrich Siemeling * [*] R. Guthardt, Dr. J. Oetzel, Dr. C. Bruhn, Dr. M. Maurer, Prof. Dr. U. Siemeling Institut ffr Chemie, Universit-t Kassel Heinrich-Plett-Strasse 40, 34132 Kassel (Germany) E-mail: siemeling@uni-kassel.de J. I. Schweizer, Prof. Dr. M. C. Holthausen Institut ffr Anorganische und Analytische Chemie Goethe-Universit-t Max-von-Laue-Strasse 7, 60438 Frankfurt am Main (Germany) E-mail: max.holthausen@chemie.uni-frankfurt.de Dr. R. Langer Fachbereich Chemie, Philipps-Universit-t Marburg Hans-Meerwein-Strasse 4, 35043 Marburg (Germany) Dr. J. Vícha Centre of Polymer Systems, Tomas Bata University in Zlín Třída T. Bati 5678, 76001 Zlín (Czech Republic) Prof. Dr. P. Shestakova Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Ulica Akad. G. Bonchev, Building 9, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria)
utb.fulltext.dates Manuscript received: October 10, 2018 Accepted manuscript online: November 20, 2018 Version of record online: January 3, 2019
utb.scopus.affiliation Institut für Chemie, Universität Kassel, Heinrich-Plett-Strasse 40, Kassel, 34132, Germany; Institut für Anorganische und Analytische Chemie, Goethe-Universität, Max-von-Laue-Strasse 7, Frankfurt am Main, 60438, Germany; Fachbereich Chemie, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Hans-Meerwein-Strasse 4, Marburg, 35043, Germany; Centre of Polymer Systems, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Třída T. Bati 5678, Zlín, 76001, Czech Republic; Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Ulica Akad. G. Bonchev, Building 9, Sofia, 1113, Bulgaria
utb.fulltext.ou Centre of Polymer Systems
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