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Analýza posturografických vyšetření - PosturoPlus

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dc.title Analýza posturografických vyšetření - PosturoPlus cs
dc.contributor.author Dolinay, Viliam
dc.contributor.author Pivníčková, Lucie
dc.date.issued 2011
dc.type software
utb.faculty Faculty of Applied Informatics
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1005456
utb.identifier.rivid RIV/70883521:28140/11:43865824!RIV12-MSM-28140___
utb.identifier.obdid 43865840
utb.source r-riv
dc.date.accessioned 2015-10-02T15:09:39Z
dc.date.available 2015-10-02T15:09:39Z
dc.description.sponsorship P(ED2.1.00/03.0089), S
utb.contributor.internalauthor Dolinay, Viliam
utb.contributor.internalauthor Pivníčková, Lucie
riv.obor JC
riv.skupina 02
riv.VYSBOD 40
riv.VYSKBO 27.7
riv.VYSPDL 1
riv.VYSPDLKBO 27.7
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