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Light-induced and sensing capabilities of SI-ATRP modified graphene oxide particles in elastomeric matrix

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dc.title Light-induced and sensing capabilities of SI-ATRP modified graphene oxide particles in elastomeric matrix en
dc.contributor.author Osička, Josef
dc.contributor.author Cvek, Martin
dc.contributor.author Mrlík, Miroslav
dc.contributor.author Ilčíková, Markéta
dc.contributor.author Pavlínek, Vladimír
dc.contributor.author Mosnáček, Jaroslav
dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
dc.identifier.issn 0277-786X Scopus Sources, Sherpa/RoMEO, JCR
dc.identifier.isbn 9781510608139
dc.date.issued 2017
utb.relation.volume 10164
dc.event.title Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems 2017
dc.event.location Portland, OR
utb.event.state-en United States
utb.event.state-cs Spojené státy americké
dc.event.sdate 2017-03-26
dc.event.edate 2017-03-29
dc.type conferenceObject
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
dc.identifier.doi 10.1117/12.2260703
dc.relation.uri https://www.spiedigitallibrary.org/conference-proceedings-of-spie/10164/1/Light-induced-and-sensing-capabilities-of-SI-ATRP-modified-graphene/10.1117/12.2260703.short
dc.subject Elastomers en
dc.subject Graphene oxide en
dc.subject PDMS en
dc.subject Photoatuation en
dc.subject PMMA en
dc.subject SI-ATRP en
dc.description.abstract Photoactuators can concern light stimuli in appropriate wavelength into mechanical response. Such reversible changes in the material shape are highly promising in their applications as remote controllers, or safety sensors. In this work we were focused on light-induced actuation and sensing performance of the prepared materials. In this case poly(dimethyl siloxane) PDMS with various amounts of silicone oil and curing agent was used as matrix. Graphene oxide (GO) as filler in its neat form as well as its modified analogue were used in concentration of 0.1 vol. %. Modified GO particles were controllably coated with poly(methyl methacrylate) polymer chains using surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP) approach in order improve interactions between the filler and matrix which consequently lead to the enhanced light-induced actuation performance. Generally, the both, GO particles as well as modified ones were characterized using FTIR, Raman spectroscopy and finally conductivity measurement to confirm the controllable coating and simultaneously proceeded reduction. By studying of dielectric properties (activation energies), viscoelastic properties, which were investigated using dynamic mechanical analysis, the interactions between the filler and matrix were evaluated with connection to their light-responsive and sensing capabilities. © 2017 SPIE. en
utb.faculty University Institute
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1007304
utb.identifier.obdid 43876498
utb.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-85025122819
utb.identifier.wok 000417372100083
utb.identifier.coden PSISD
utb.source d-scopus
dc.date.accessioned 2017-09-03T21:40:10Z
dc.date.available 2017-09-03T21:40:10Z
dc.description.sponsorship Grant Agency of the Czech Republic [16-20361Y]; Slovak grant agency [APVV-15-0545]
utb.ou Centre of Polymer Systems
utb.contributor.internalauthor Osička, Josef
utb.contributor.internalauthor Cvek, Martin
utb.contributor.internalauthor Mrlík, Miroslav
utb.contributor.internalauthor Pavlínek, Vladimír
utb.scopus.affiliation Centre of Polymer Systems, University Institute, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Trida T. Bati 5678, Zlin, Czech Republic; Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska cesta 9, Bratislava, Slovakia
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